Thursday, September 10, 2009

My Little Model

This day photography is get into commercial too much, that's effected to creativity for create the picture is not been cared enough, just done the job but not put the most value in to the pictures.

I, as a photographer that love candid, street photography, landscape, portrait, graphic photography, just want to communicate with my customers (whom I call them friends) by give them a real moment of life, candid them or their family in the way they are. I don't want to change them to be something I want them to be, that's right I am professional but I won't change their personality.

Since I have my son, Miles, and I love to captured my son's smiles, lough, or his little things. I realize the tough of kids photography, it's might takes long time to capture them but it's worthy because childhood is just like the river, clouds in the sky that's never come back. So I want to spend time with others kids too.

Let me get involve with your family as a photographer and you just live your life, do your life style activities and let me capture it, get to know me and give me some space.

This is some of my portfolio. Keep fallow,I'll keep update too.